What's on Offer:

Everyone who wants to learn Oli starts with the Foundation Teachings so you clearly understand what Oli/Chanting is and how it is part of everyday life, Healing & Protocol. In fact, in our Traditional Teachings we do not separate Oli from these Teachings because Oli is one of the Foundation Teachings in its own right. When you understand it, the Mana it connects you to is heart-bursting. You will learn to Oli with the goal of transcending Form. Taught over 2 Semesters (each Semester is 2 terms) -do one Semester or continue on and do both.

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Building an Unshakeable Foundation

Starts with Mana - Spirit Power

  • Find Your Spiritual Essence

  • Express It Authentically

  • Stay Spiritually Connected 24/7

  • Fabulous Learning Resources

  • Wise Guides Ready to Help

  • Fun and Inspiring Experiences

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What's included in your learning package:

  • Comprehensive, easy to read Course Guides filled with our Traditional Teachings, complete with development activities and the self-coaching tools to live them

  • Blended Learning: Live Classes with Kumu Nālani as well as Video Lessons, Audio Sets, gamified learning resources, learning challenges, study buddy groups and plenty of practice opportuntieis

  • Unique experiential exercises to quickly develop your understanding and build your mana. Each Semester you will learn at least 3 Oli/Mele - songs, basic ʻōlelo/language skills, and introductory Protocol Skills

  • Plus, there's easy access to the Wise Guides, real people with loads of experience, to help you find your way as you apply the Teachings to life

  • And, a whole bunch of good feels when you become an active Contributor to our Community Projects

  • Free Bonus:Spiritual Intelligence - 1. An excellent foundation skill building course for deepening Spiritual Practice and authentically connecting to the essence of the Ancestors

What Youʻll Learn

Hereʻs some of the Foundation Topics:

  • The Hawaiian World View

  • The Migration to Hawaii: lessons for today

  • Introduction to the Foundations of Hawaiian Spirituality Teachings

  • Introduction to Hawaiian Healing Methods

  • Introduction to Hawaiian Hula - Dance

  • Introduction to Hawaiian Oli - Chanting Language Skills

  • Oli & Mele for Protocol, Healing & Life

  • Introductory Protocol & Kuahu

Course curriculum

It's Time to Enrol, Start Building Your Mana & Opening to a Whole New World

  • We have 50+ Generations of Traditional Teachings to share with you. Teachings to live by. Teachings to heal with. Teachings to grow you. Teachings for change. Each one is wrapped in the Mana – the spirit power - of the Ancestors. With with great care and thoroughness they preserved them for you. And itʻs here that they start teaching you...