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SoHAD - the School of Spirituality, Healing and Development - is a unique school. It's foundation is Traditional Hawaiian Spirituality of 50+ Generations. When you do a course with the school, after on-costs, your fees go into the projects the school funds. You give as you receive and together we will build our ‘ohana (community). We fund community projects, preservation of sacred sites and Ancestral knowledge, setting up community based businesses that are educational, sustainable, wellness based and training and development pathways for Molokai youth and those who need help re-training. The projects are a means for sharing the wisdom of the Kupuna (Elders) with the community and building a self-sustaining economy rich in the traditions of Molokai Hawaii.
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Our Teaching Philosophy

Ours is a lived spirituality - real Spirituality for real people - with 50+ Generations standing behind it.

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We Focus On Teaching You The Right Foundations

When your foundation is firm & strong, you can dive deep... any direction and sometimes multiple directions at once! It's the ABC's - our Kumu (Traditional Teacher) always reminds us that everyone is in a hurry to get to Z without taking the time to learn the ABC's in detail. Then they wonder why they're not getting the results they want. We don't take that risk - in our school, we give you the detail and the depth. Ours is a lived spirituality - real Spirituality for real people - with 50+ Generations standing behind it. You want proof of the effectiveness of our Traditional Teachings - there it is, the fact that we are part of one of the oldest continuing teaching Halau's (schools) in Hawaii. After 50+ Generations, we know a thing or two...
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We break everything down into 3 easy steps. Learn your way - like to read, watch, listen, practice, think, a bit of each? You're in charge. How do you like to learn?

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You get you where you want to be faster

We want you to succeed and get all the benefits Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically. We want you to be happy, fullfilled and bouncing with the intuitive energy that living in the right Spiritual Alignment gives you. We want you to be able to use your skills in every part of your daily life - that's what it's all about. As well as your Self-paced learning pack, you can join a live online forum or get some one-on-one time with an Expert Wise Guide - processing your experiences is a critical part of your development. We strongly recommend everyone has a 1:1 session with a Guide. Wise Guides help you process your experiences, move past old blocks, patterns and mindtraps and put what you learn in your course into life. We help you do the heavy lifting that gets results.
Meet the Guides
  • Co-created with the Ancestors

    True to our Teachings, when we had an idea we took it to the Ancestors and asked them "what is it that needs to happen? How does it need to happen? What do you want us to do?" We listen and then we just do it. You'll learn to live this way too.

  • It's a True Partnership

    It's a learning partnership: we teach you what we know and, in exchange, you help to preserve the traditional teachings by applying them in your life. Your Course Fee contributes to the Projects. It's all about reciprocity and playing it forward.

  • With a Clear Focus

    The Ancestors guide the direction. Our job is to preserve the Teachings through ensuring they are taught correctly and lived as they intended them. It's the Teachings that keep us on track and show us the way to the next step.

  • On Planet & People

    The whole Universe lives within and with you. You are part of something so much bigger than yourself. When you can think this way and learn how apply it 24/7, the way you live changes. The quality of all life is enriched because you are.

  • Building Strong Foundations

    You will develop a strong, unshakeable foundation capable of withstanding anything life throws at you. You'll learn to be courageously happy trying new things. And, the Guides are on hand to help you process and put it all in place.

  • Without the Hype or Spin

    These are Teachings for daily life. For 50+ Generations they have been taught to every person. The Elders say they are their gift to Humanity. We don't have to dress them up or make them appealing. Life is simple, people make it complex...

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