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Welcome to your Schoolhouse. Here you will find all of the Courses offered online in the 3 Schools of Study which are the SoHAD - School of Spirituality, Healing & Development. The Centrepiece of the SoHAD is HĀLAU PŌ ME NANI - School of Hawaiian Spiritual Studies. Thereʻs the School of Spirituality with courses for personal and professional development and the School of Healing & Development focussing on shorter courses for personal development.

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Online doesnʻt mean watching hours of pre-recorded boring videos and eye-watering handouts. When we say Online Schoolhouse - we mean itʻs just like going to physical classes except weʻre coming together from all over the globe. When you become a Student, everything you need for your studies is here, like a library - class timetables, pacing guides, workbooks, interactive learning activities, things to watch, things to listen to, things to practice, groups to join, assessments, discussion forums, classrooms and more...

Every School Stream has something to help you chart a new course in life...

All of our courses are developed with our Learners in mind. Everyone has a favourite way of learning. We think deeply about different ways to help people learn and how we can construct our training so that itʻs easy to follow along and apply to daily life. Some Courses have deep traditional roots so we teach in a way people can learn the Culture at the same time as theyʻre learning and integrating new skills and information. Thatʻs why youʻll find our Courses are divided into easy learning steps. And thereʻs always extra help from your Teacher if you need it...
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School of Spirituality

Everyone loves a secret, especially one with roots reaching far back into the mists of time. If you love things Celtic, then make sure you get on our mailing list to be first to attend the Premiere of our new Welsh Spirituality - Introduction to Druidry Course. Your Teacher is SoHAD Wise Guide and Indigenous Welsh Druid Deborah Rose Hālani. She developed this Course so that people interested in learning about Druidry and Druid Practices could have all the information in one place instead of spending hours trawling the Internet trying to piece it all together. Make sure youʻre on our Mailing List for first invitations to attend the preview...

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