What's on Offer:

6 MONTH IMMERSION TRAINING PROGRAM IN LOMILOMI MASSAGE. If you want to learn Lomilomi Massage with all of the Traditional Teachings, Practices and Protocols that go with it, you're in the right place! Every Kūpuna/Elders agree "...if you are just learning Techniques, you are not learning Lomilomi...". In this course you will study the Healing Modality of Lomilomi. We train in a blended learning method, which means you can complete your Practicum Training from your home Country or Region - without worrying you're not getting the full Traditional Cultural Training.
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It's the Total Package

Spirit Power your Future

  • 50+ Generations of Traditional Knowledge

  • Recognised in 27 Countries

  • Learn the Complete Lomilomi Healing Process

  • Fabulous Interactive Learning Resources

  • Wise Guides Ready to Help

  • Fun, Inspiring, Practical Learning Experiences

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What's included in your learning package:

  • Comprehensive, easy to read Learning Guide filled with our Traditional Teachings, complete with development activities and the self-coaching tools to live them

  • Video Lessons, Audio Helpers, Discussion Forums, Practicum, Coaching Clinics, Practitioner Supervision and more

  • Tried, true and unique experiential & interactive exercises to quickly develop and extend your abilities. And there's a Free Bonus Professional DevelopmentModule too

  • Plus, there's access to the Wise Guides, real people with loads of experience, to help you when you need it.

  • And, a whole bunch of good feels when you become an active Contributor to our Community Projects

  • Complete your Practicum in your home Region or Country and still receive our Lineage Certification and our International Certification

What Youʻll Learn

After 6 Months study here's what you'll know:

  • The correct Traditional Teachings which are the foundation of Lomilomi Healing Sessions

  • How the Ancestors understood the true nature of Existence and the link to Lomilomi

  • The correct Protocols, Oli and Pule to use in Lomilomi Sessions

  • Hawaiian Healing Modalities & Methods

  • How to use effective Client Communication Skills to help Clients solve problems

  • Safe Work Practices, Biz Skills, Insider-only Practice Know-how

Course curriculum

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  • Remember, Lomilomi is more than the techniques of the "massage", which is why it's actually called Bodywork. Our Ancestors preserved the Teachings for Healing for 50+ Generations. Ours is an easily verified and recognised Teaching Lineage in Hawaii. We want to share our Teachings with you so you become the outstanding Healer you dream of being and offer Lomilomi as the Ancestors intended it..