What's on Offer:

We teach people about deep Spirituality; to Meditate as a way of developing expanded Conscious Awareness. It's about living from a completely different place and dissolving limiting structures, so that you can enter into solid Spiritual Connections and live a happy and fulfilling life guided by Spirit - thinking, perception, understanding, behaviour all change & so does life...but to make that kind of sustained life change and get the self-development to be able to move through life differently, means you have to have a really strong foundation first - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. This course shows you how to build it so that you can move into and through spiritual spaces in ways you've never experienced before.

Take a Step Forward

Your past is part of your transformation...

  • Make Positively Happy a Way of Life

  • Leave Toxic Emotions & People Behind

  • Stay Spiritually Connected 24/7

  • Fabulous Learning Resources

  • Wise Guides Ready to Help

  • Fun and Inspiring Experiences

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What's included in your learning package:

  • Comprehensive, easy to read Learning Guide with complete development activities and self-coaching Tools

  • Video Lesson & Audio Set, with FAQs, introducing each topic and directing your training

  • Tried, true and unique experiential exercises to quickly develop and extend your abilities

  • Plus, there's access to the wise Guides, real people with loads of experience, to help you when you need it.

  • And, a whole bunch of good feels when you become an active Contributor to our Community Projects

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Course curriculum

When you complete this course you'll be able to:

  • Control the breath and use the breath to develop a strong foundation for spiritual practice

  • Maintain meditation comfortably for 15 minutes in an expanded state whilst maintaining relaxed focus

  • Achieve an expanded state of Conscious Awareness for at least 30 minutes whilst maintaining focusing & concentration comfortably

  • Implement Meditation Hygiene Factors to ensure a safe and productive Meditation Practice for life

  • Demonstrate Spiritual Understanding in your Meditation Practice 

  • Use your Meditation Practice to connect to and directly experience expanded layers of Being 

It's Time to Enrol & Create Blissful New Patterns

  • We've got so much for you to learn and grow with, to change the situations in your life, to learn about yourself, figure out what inspires you, take charge of your dreams, find your own beliefs, get stunningly joyful clarity and meet the person you want to be. It's time to complete your enrollment process so we can get started. We're in the classroom, ready for you - it's easy to enrol...