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Get ready for something special - at this level we are developing advanced skills for working at the more expansive levels of Consciousness. By the time you get to the end of Stage 3, we will have introduced you to another level of the spiritual quotient, but to truly understand that level, we need to start here. In this Course you will be working directly with the Spiritual Realm. We will introduce you to the Universal Space and then take you through the processes for engaging with the "Space" and finally moving toward living within it 24/7. Along the way you'll develop a whole host of skills that you can use in every aspect of daily life.

Take a Step Forward

Journey into a Living Classroom...

  • Learn to See Between and Within Spaces

  • Learn to Hear Sound Within Sound

  • Learn to Move Through Liminal Spaces

  • Detailed Learning Resources

  • Skilled Wise Guides Ready to Help

  • Practical and Inspiring Learning Experiences

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What's included in your learning package:

  • Comprehensive, easy to read Course Book with complete development activities and self-coaching Tools

  • Video Lesson & Audio Set, FAQs, bonus Practical Activites to reinforce your training

  • Tried, true and unique experiential exercises to quickly develop and extend your abilities

  • The Wise Guides - real people with loads of experience, to help you when you need it.

  • And, a whole bunch of good feels knowing you're contributing to our Community Projects

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Course curriculum

When you complete this course you'll be able to:

  • Master the integration of the layers and levels of communication and relationship that can happen in one single moment of communion

  • Elevate your relational Consciousness through moving from Wholeness to Oneness into Completeness

  • Understand the true nature of Universal Space as it applies to you at a personal level

  • Connect with your Universal Nature to live your life Pa’a, in prayerful existence with all things in this Universe from within the Universal Space of Completeness

  • Dissolve barriers of fear and separateness to live from within the State of Being called Spiritual Intelligence

  • Apply the conceptual thinking, abstract problem solving, reflection and discernment skills learned in Spiritual Practice to day to day life situations

It's Time to Enrol & Experience Your Universal Nature

  • This Course is BOLD! It takes you safely into a deep liminal experience. You will learn about "the Space" and how to live within the energy, timelessness and Teachings of the Space in your daily life. The Space reconnects you with a way of living that is being lost in our modern world. Yet it's the way our Ancestors intended us to live which is why they left the Teachings for us to follow. We are part of a Spiritual Eco-system that cannot know Itself as fully complete if we are unable to take our place within it. Deeply Spiritual. Profound. We owe it to each other to make this journey. It's time to complete your enrollment process so we can get started. We're in the classroom, ready for you - head on over to the Enrolment Desk...