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Step it up in the next stage of Meditation as a Spiritual Practice. What you will learn in this course comes directly from our Ancestors and specifically, from our Ancestors in the Natural World. What you might think of and call “Nature”. All of Nature is a primordial Ancestor to you. The Physical Realm is where we are now, but very few people are able to fully understand and experience this level of existence at the most intrinsic, intuitive and cellular, level. But with the help of the Ancestors and the lessons they give you in this Course, you will be able to – and from that point on, the way you experience life will be very different. You will live with more reverence and a much more expanded understanding of what you are as a Human Being.

Take a Step Forward

Journey into a Living Classroom...

  • Learn to Live Life with Simple Elegance

  • Leave Behind Complications from the Past

  • Experience Deep Spiritual Connection 24/7

  • Detailed Learning Resources

  • Skilled Guides Ready to Help

  • Practical and Inspiring Experiences

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What's included in your learning package:

  • Comprehensive, easy to read Course Book with complete development activities and self-coaching Tools

  • Video Lesson & Audio Set, FAQs, bonus Practical Activites to reinforce your training

  • Tried, true and unique experiential exercises to quickly develop and extend your abilities

  • The Wise Guides - real people with loads of experience, to help you when you need it.

  • And, a whole bunch of good feels knowing you're contributing to our Community Projects

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Course curriculum

    1. PRESENTATION ROOM: Topic Overview - Step 1: Sensing Nature

    2. READING ROOM: 1 Minute Reading

    3. COURSE BOOK: 60 PAGES - Meditation as a Spiritual Practice - Spiritual Nature

    4. MEDITATION ROOM: Practice 1: State of Being

    5. MEDITATION ROOM: Practice 2: Heart to Heart with Mother Earth

    6. REFLECTION ZONE: Sensing Skills in Daily Life

    7. BRANCHING ACTIVITY: Think Outside the Box

    8. PRESENTATION ROOM: Step 1 Topic Summary: Sensing Nature + Bonus Activity Challenge

    1. PRESENTATION ROOM: Topic Overview Step 2: Conscious Connection

    2. READING ROOM: 1 Minute Reading

    3. MEDITATION ROOM: Practice 3 Meet the Locals Preparation

    4. MEDITATION ROOM: Practice 4 Conscious Connection

    5. MEDITATION ROOM: Practice 5 Breathing Nature

    6. REFLECTION ZONE: Practical Assignment - Observation Skills

    7. BRANCHING ACTIVITY: Faces of Nature

    8. PRESENTATION ROOM: Step 2 Topic Summary: Spiritual Nature + Bonus Activity

    1. PRESENTATION ROOM: Step 3 Topic Overview: Spiritual Nature

    2. READING ROOM: 1 Minute Reading

    3. MEDITATION ROOM: Practice 6 Earth Grid Connection

    4. REFLECTION ZONE: Crossword Quiz

    5. BRANCHING ACTIVITY: Deep Listening

    6. PRESENTATION ROOM: Step 3 Topic Summary: Spiritual Nature

    1. PRESENTATION ROOM: Topic Overview - Self-Assessment Process + What's Next

    2. MEDITATION ROOM: Sacred Earth Walk Self-Assessment

    3. BRANCHING ACTIVITY: Inner Journeys

About this course

  • $299.00
  • 33 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

When you complete this course you'll be able to:

  • Access a transformative state of expanded, truthful Conscious Awareness that you can experience at a cellular level

  • Consciously move your energy and lifeforce to make intentional connection with the world around you

  • Use this level of connection to find answers to life problems & access information for health, wellbeing and living happy

  • Free yourself from structures that prevent you from experiencing your true nature

  • Directly experience Nature teaching you to awaken your potential as a Human Being

  • Bring and maintain more harmony and balance to your life

It's Time to Enrol & Experience Nature as Your Teacher

  • This Course takes you into some of the most profound learning experiences that will shape your life. With Nature as your Teacher, you will deeply feel the cellular movement towards Oneness as it is happening. You will dissolve the limitation of form and structure and experience the wild empowerement of spiritual, mental, physical alignment. It's time to complete your enrollment process so we can get started. We're in the classroom, ready for you - head on over to the Enrolment Desk...