What's on Offer:

A 6 MONTH IMMERSION TRAINING PROGRAM where you will learn and apply the skills, knowledge and inner qualities needed to be an excellent Luna Ho'oponopono - the person who conducts Ho'oponopono Sessions. There is so much distortion of Ho'oponopono today because of Social Media, the Internet and People "teaching" Ho'oponopono without the correct Cultural permissions. What you learn with us is the Traditional Ho'oponopono taught and practiced in our Lineage for 50+ Generations. Ho'oponopono enables a different way of being in the World. We work the Process with our Clients that helps them to heal their past and reset their future. That is the skill of the Luna Ho'oponopono...

Course Fees Fund our Social Projects

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Course curriculum

Power the People...

...and the Universe will open the doors

  • 50+ Generations of Traditional Knowledge

  • Profound Spiritual Development Training

  • Traditional Holistic Healing Framework

  • Fabulous Learning Resources & Methodology

  • Wise Guides Ready to Help

  • Fun, Inspiring & Practical Learning Experiences

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What's included in your learning package:

  • Comprehensive, easy to read Course Workbook filled with our Traditional Teachings, complete with development activities and the self-coaching tools to live them

  • Videos, Audio, Interactive Learning Excercises , Discussion Forums, Meetups, Teaching Stories, Practicum Retreat, Integration Activities, Professional Supervision. Plus thereʻs non-compulsory Elective Topics.

  • Unique experiential exercises and hands-on practice to quickly develop your understanding, skills and abilities

  • Plus, there's access to the Wise Guides, real people with loads of experience, to help you when you need it.

  • And, a whole bunch of good feels when you become an active Contributor to our Community Projects

  • Free Bonus: Meditation as a Spiritual Practice. An excellent Professional Development skill building course for deepening Spiritual Practice

What Youʻll Learn

In your 6 Month Immersion Training, you will study:

  • All of the Path to Pa'a - Part 1: PAPA Foundation Teachings

  • All of the Path to Pa'a - Part 2: LIVING PAʻA Modules

  • Becoming the Luna Ho'oponopono: Skills, Knowledge & Qualities

  • How to Conduct Ho'oponopono Sessions with Individuals

  • Understanding People & their Behaviour

  • Expanding Spiritual Connection: Oli

  • Plus there's Group Supervision & Integration Sessions

  • Elective Topics and a Free Bonus Course for developing your Consciousness Skills

FAQ: If it's not here, ask us

  • How is the Course Structured?

    Luna Hoʻoponopono Training happens over 26 weeks. Thereʻs a full schedule of Sessions in your Get Started Course. Basically, it works like this: The Path to Paʻa; Luna Hoʻoponopono Training & Retreat; Practice Sessions & Professional Supervision.

  • Is there a Retreat or is it all Online?

    Your Training is a "blended" training model. You wil do self-study and meet up weekly online with Kumu Nālani. Depending on your location and the Covid Situation, there may be a Practicum Retreat at some point in your Training. We are Mākaukau - always ready, always prepared and we build this into your Training Program. The format - Retreat or no Retreat is not so important - we achieve exactly the same outcomes to build your experience when we are 100% live online. When Kumu is travelling, and she is near your location, she will invite you to gather with her. This is an extension of your training. If you come to understand the Teachings through this training, you will clearly understand how we bring it all together so youʻre confident and ready...we are learning in the Realm of Spirit - there's a clue for you...

  • Do I have to enrol in the full Training to become a Luna Hoʻoponopono?

    Yes. However, you also have the option of doing most of it course by course if the full commitment seems too much. You would do the Path to Paʻa Course first, then either the Oli Class or Luna Ho'oponopono Skills Training in the order that works for you. You will need to complete all of these courses in 12 months from the time of your initial enrolment, To become Certified by our Lineage and in 39 Countries world-wide you need to complete all Components including Supervision, Integration Sessions, Skills Passport and any other Assessments. Always discuss your specific situation with Kumu before enroling

  • Can I start Practicing as a Luna Hoʻoponopono before I fully complete the Training?

    You can start doing your Practice Sessions once you have completed the Ho'oponopono Skills component - these are real world sessions that you complete and you bring them to Kumu for discussion and coaching. Your Practice Sessions can be paid Sessions, that is up to you.

  • Why is Training 6 Months when I see other shorter Courses and Retreats?

    Because our training is CULTURALLY CORRECT. It is in depth and live, not a series of recorded videos - you will learn everything Kumu learned to become a Luna Ho'oponopono and qualified to do Sessions with people. Hoʻoponopono is NOT the 4 line Prayer/Mantra; it isnʻt a "song" or "meditation". It isnʻt the modernised version developed by Anake (Auntie) Morrnah Simeona in good faith, but which has been terribly distorted. It is definitely NOT anything Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, Mabel Katz and others who have no Lineage Connections say it is; it is NOT about "cleaning". But Anake (Auntie) Morrnah Simeona is Kanaka 'oiwi! Yes she is, and we aloha her very much. But as our Kumu teaches, Anake was also very much involved in the tourist industry and she developed her program of Ho'oponopono with that focus. She is also on record as saying she did not think non-Hawaiians were ready and able to accept and understand the depths of Traditional Ho'oponopono. She was correct in that thinking...because to understand it, you have to learn to "think like a Kanaka 'oiwi/Indigenous Hawaiian". You can learn to do this - we teach you... The Ancestors are very clear on what Hoʻoponopono is and why such in depth training is needed for Kanaka 'oiwi Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians today. And it is precisely because of these world-wide distortions that are mistakenly becoming "Ho'oponopono" that the head of our Lineage of 50+ Generations has said "the mango is ripe...", meaning we must teach the Cultural Teachings before it is too late. Yes, it is confronting. We do not stand in judgement. Instead we simply say to you "this is where you are, now let's move from there..."

  • Is there Fee-help?

    We have a structured payment plan for your training. Your Course Fees contribute to our Social Enterprise Preservation Projects. If the Payment Plan structure is beyond you, please let us know. Donʻt let the Fees get in the way of your Training. We will try and work out a plan to suit your circumstances.

  • How much Study time do I need to commit to each week?

    As your Training progresses, your study time might need to increase. The amount of time you spend studying is also dependent on how you learn, which is also why we take our time so you can discover the best way to learn for you. The learning resources are very well developed and full of information in simple, plain English so theyʻre easy to read and remember. Meetup Sessions are 2.5 - 3 hours/week depending on whatʻs being discussed. Generally, expect to do 3 - 4 hours of study a week. Sometimes a little less, maybe a little more for some topics.

  • What are the Wise Guides and why do I need them?

    The Wise Guides are in place to help you. Our courses are highly experiential and transformational, as you apply everything to yourself so you know what itʻs like, how it works and how it changes life. You may want to talk things over as these changes happen for you, do a bit of mentoring and so on. Rather than give up or feel overwhelmed, you have the Wise Guides to book in with. Sessions are additional to your Course Costs and you book them as you need to. Sessions with the Wise Guides are 45 mins, cost $150AUD and are online. We always strongly recommend you work with one of them 3 - 4 times during your Training Program

  • Do I get to do my own Ho'oponopono as part of the training?

    Yes. It is included in your Course Fees. You will also lead Ho'oponopono Sessions and participate in them as part of your class work with your fellow students

It's crazy good and a total groove!

  • This training doesn't leave anything out - it's the full blown immersion into the Teachings of our Ancestors and the way they wanted Ho'oponopono to be done. Learn how to work with people, to help them get to the bottom of their issues once and for all, to find their mana and integrate it into their daily lives. You can help them find lasting peace, happiness and joy, living the manaʻo of the Ancestors.